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Energy Codes

Florida Building Code (FBC) Chapter 13, Energy Efficiency requires a letter from a State of Florida licensed Professional
Engineer to verify that outdoor and indoor units meet the U.S. Department of Energy certification requirements contained in FBC Section 13-607.A.B.C.3.1.1.

See the BNC website for details.

Selman & Associates can perform system sizing calculations and verify equipment efficiency ratings to allow replacement of existing HVAC equipment.

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Illinois residential energy code

Public Act 096-0778 was signed into law Aug. 28, 2009, amending Illinois' Energy Efficient Commercial Building Act by including residential buildings and changing the act's name to the Energy Efficient Building Act. The new requirements for residential buildings took effect earlier this year.

The law requires that all new commercial and residential construction for which a building permit application is received by a municipality or county in Illinois follow the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code.

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Solar calculators


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Energy Audits

We have experience in several 2D and 3D drafting packages including:


Recent Projects Include:
Mechanical drawings for a municipal building addition.


The SSREA is a non-profit Community Education Association working to promote awareness of clean and alternative energy, energy efficiency methods and sustainable living options. Our mission is to become a network hub sharing ideas, resources and information with individuals, business, local government, and Communities to promote a resilient future.

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